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My Boerboel's Identity

My Boerboel's Identity

Сообщение kaiboerboel » 29 май 2017, 11:33

Hi Everybody,
I'm new to forum as this is my last resort. I Purchased a Boerboel Pup from a Chinese man here in Australia about 2 years ago and have lost contact with him.
I am under the impression he went back to China, his contact details are no longer valid.
The reason for my wanting to find him is because i wanted to find out what lines my dog is from.
We purchased the pup with no papers and full rights for $2200 AUD.....the other option was $3600 AUD with papers and no breeding rights.
Before we lost contact with "ken" (the Chinese man) i had offered to buy the papers off him and negotiate a price for papers and breeding rights but never heard from him again. After searching for my dogs siblings (if any) here in Australia and talking to breeders both here and Internationally i haven't been able to find out any information on my dogs history, however i did find a photo on a website called V8dog.com (which is all in Chinese) of a small child sitting on the back of a Boerboel and this exact photo was used in his online advertisement of the dog i purchased. This leads me to believe that "ken" and my pup have ties to V8dog.com.
Any help would be very much greatly appreciated.
My dog "KAI" is on Instagram as kaiboerboel if you wanted to see him. I have a video with a black screen that explains abit more about the situation.
Thanks in advance.
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